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Gallery listing options

Option 1

  • Access to our password-protected dealer-only Notice Board.
  • Add and view Notice Board items complete with photos and detailed descriptions.
  • Send and receive enquiries to and from other dealers regarding specific Notice Board items.
  • Annual subscription £100

Option 2

  • All the benefits of Option 1, plus:
  • Your gallery will appear above all non-paying dealers in all listing pages.
  • The referrals we send you will always include applicants' email and telephone details, in addition to their standard name and address details.
  • Your Gallery Details page will always display your telephone, fax and web address.
  • Annual subscription £275

Option 3

  • All the benefits of Option 2, plus:
  • Your 'Contact Dealer' check-box will always be ticked by default.
  • Your Gallery Details page will also include your logo, description text, and a link back to your website.
  • Referrals can be screened by the inclusion / omission of nominated keywords in applicants' enquiry details text.
  • Annual subscription £400

Option 4

  • All the benefits of Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3, plus:
  • Your own database-driven website hosted on our servers, with domain name and email included.
  • Annual subscription £1575
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