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Event Item: 00069
Orphaned Art: Looted Art from the Holocaust
Exhibition: 20th Feb 2008 to 3rd Jun 2008
The Israel Museum is showcasing some forty paintings, drawings, prints, and books, together with two dozen examples of recovered Jewish ceremonial objects.

This exhibition tells the story of art that was looted by the Nazis during World War II, discovered by the Allies in hiding places throughout Germany after the war, and brought to Israel during the early 1950s by the Jewish Restitution Successor Organization (JRSO). The works - including paintings by Jan Both, Marc Chagall, Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, Egon Schiele, and Alfred Sisley - arrived with little if any documentation of prior ownership and have been held in custody by the Israel Museum since it inherited the holdings of the Bezalel National Museum in 1965.

Catalogue forthcoming in French and English.

The Israel Museum is located in Jerusalem on Ruppin Boulevard, near the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). The exhibition is being held in the Beningson Gallery, Ruth Youth Wing.
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