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Exporting Beauty: Pilkington's Pottery and Tiles

Exhibition - 9th Oct 2010 to 9th Oct 2011

This new exhibition features over 100 pots and tiles made by Pilkington's world famous Lancastrian pottery company between 1893 and 1938.
Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK more...

Beryl Cook: Larger than Life

Exhibition - 18th Jun 2011 to 29th Aug 2011

Larger Than Life is a major exhibition of original paintings by Britain's most popular painter, Beryl Cook.
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, UK more...

What's New? at Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery

Exhibition - 12th Dec 2009 to 1st Jan 2012

This display shows recent acquisitions of watercolours, prints and photographs. Most have been purchased or donated in the last few years.
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, BS8 1RL more...
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