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52 Art & Antiques Dealers in St James's

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Dealer Name
Martyn Gregory Gallery
34 Bury Street
Paintings, Pictures
Rafael Valls
6 Ryder Street
Weiss Gallery
59 Jermyn Street
Paintings, Portraits
Simon C. Dickinson
58 Jermyn Street
Art, Jewellery, Pictures
Paisnel Gallery
22 Mason's Yard, Duke Street
Peter Nahum at The Leicester Galleries
5 Ryder Street
Drawings, Lighting, Paintings, Sculpture
Dr Jorn Gunther Rare Books
91b Jermyn Street
Books, Manuscripts, Miniatures, Paintings
Alastair Dickenson
90 Jermyn Street
Collectables, Objets d'Art, Silver
Oakham Gallery
40 Duke Street
Artemis Fine Arts
15 Duke Street
Drawings, Prints, Sculpture
Robert Bowman Modern
34 Duke Street
Drawings, Sculpture
Portland Gallery
9 Bury Street
Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
Derek Johns
12 Duke Street
Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
J. H. Bourdon-Smith
24 Mason's Yard, Duke Street
Titus Kendall
Ormond House, 3 Duke of York Street
N. & I. Franklin
11 Bury Street
Frost & Reed
2-4 King Street
Drawings, Paintings
The Silver Fund
1 Duke of York Street
Rafael Valls
11 Duke Street
Peter Finer
39 Duke Street
Armour, Arms
MacConnal-Mason Gallery
14 & 17 Duke Street
Bronzes, Paintings, Sculpture
Trevor Philip & Sons
75A Jermyn Street
Globes, Models, Paintings, Scientific Instruments
Oakham Gallery
27 Bury Street
Drawings, Paintings
Sims Reed Rare Books
43a Duke Street
Art, Books, Prints
N. Bloom & Son (1912)
12 Piccadilly Arcade
Clocks, Gold, Jewellery, Objects of Virtu, Paintings, Silver, Watches
Johnny Van Haeften
13 Duke Street
Verner Amell
4 Ryder Street
Paintings, Sculpture
Hazlitt Holland Hibbert
38 Bury Street
Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
Ben Janssens Oriental Art
91C Jermyn Street
Harris Lindsay
67 Jermyn Street
Art, Furniture
Christopher Wood
18 Georgian House, 10 Bury Street
Arts & Crafts, Drawings, Furniture, Garden, Paintings
Eaton Gallery
34 Duke Street
Douwes Fine Art
37 Duke Street
Drawings, Paintings
Gillian Jason Modern & Contemporary
3 Duke of York Street
Drawings, Prints, Sculpture
Peter Dale
12 Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall
Armour, Arms, Militaria
N. R. Omell Gallery
6 Duke Street
The Tryon Galleries
7 Bury Street
Bronzes, Paintings
James Hyman Fine Art
6 Mason's Yard, Duke Street
Priestley & Ferraro
17 King Street
Art, Ceramics
Harvey & Gore
41 Duke Street
Jewellery, Miniatures, Silver, Snuff Boxes
Robert Bowman Gallery
8 Duke Street
Drawings, Sculpture
Pullman Gallery
14 King Street
Objets d'Art
Hazlitt Gooden & Fox
38 Bury Street
Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
Guy Morrison
58 Jermyn Street
William Drummond
8 St James's Chambers, 2-10 Ryder Street
Drawings, Paintings
Thomas Heneage & Co
42 Duke Street
Art, Books, Decorative Items
John Bly
27 Bury Street
Art, Furniture, Silver
Arnold Wiggins & Sons
4 Bury Street
Furniture, Pictures
Somlo Antiques
7 Piccadilly Arcade
Michael Tollemache Fine Art
43 Duke Street
Antiquities, Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
Isaac & Ede
1 Duke of York Street
Decorative Items, Portraits, Prints
Frank T. Sabin
41 Duke Street
Decorative Items, Engravings, Paintings, Sculpture

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