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108 Art & Antiques Dealers in Notting Hill

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Dealer Name
Gallery Duval
141-149 Portobello Road
Drawings, Etchings, Paintings, Sculpture
David Burns
87 Portobello Road
Globes, Scientific Instruments
Gerard Boilot
141-149 Portobello Road
Art, Jewellery, Objects of Virtu, Silver
Ben Hunter
282 Westbourne Grove
Art, Books, Ceramics, Textiles
Lionel Stewart
282 Westbourne Grove
David Levi Antiques
282 Westbourne Grove
Art, Bygones, Furniture, Metalware, Treen
Hanina Fine Arts
180 Westbourne Grove
Paintings, Sculpture
Henry Gregory
82 Portobello Road
Kleanthous Antiques
144 Portobello Road
Art, Bronzes, Clocks, Cloisonné, Furniture, Glass, Gold, Ivories, Jewellery, Objects of Virtu, Ormolu, Paintings, Pictures, Porcelain, Pottery, Sculpture, Silver, Tortoiseshell, Watches
Deborah Cutler
113 Portobello Road
Colin Smith & Gerald Robinson
105 Portobello Road
Ivories, Silver, Tea Caddies, Tortoiseshell
Milne & Moller
35 Colville Terrace
Drawings, Paintings
Linda Gumb
101 Portobello Road
Decorative Items, Tapestry, Textiles
Vicky Meyer Antiques
285 Westbourne Grove
Lisa Tao
67 Portobello Road
Arms, Art, Fans, Musical Instruments, Photographs, Scientific Instruments
Elizabeth & Desmond Squire
286 Westbourne Grove
Books, Scientific Instruments
Peter J. Harris
141-149 Portobello Road
Arms, Arts & Crafts, Clocks, Furniture, Lighting, Paintings, Pewter, Porcelain, Prints, Rugs, Scientific Instruments
Mr Punch's Old Toys
141-149 Portobello Road
Books, Collectables
Elizabeth Bradwin
73 Portobello Road
Bronzes, Porcelain
Sara Sanskara
173 Portobello Road
Chin Fine Art
141-149 Portobello Road
Drawings, Paintings, Prints
Liliane Fredericks Drawings
Adrian Grater
141-149 Portobello Road
Ceramics, Decorative Items, Pottery
Hilary Kashden
Portobello Road
Jo De Sousa Macedo
141-149 Portobello Road
Furniture, Porcelain, Pottery
St Véran Antiques
284 Westbourne Grove
Art, Arts & Crafts, Bronzes, Ceramics, Glass, Metalware, Silver
David Robinson Antiques
141-149 Portobello Road
Art, Bronzes, Ceramics, Collectables, Decorative Items, Porcelain
141 Portobello Road
Scientific Instruments
Andrew Lineham Fine Glass
101 Portobello Road
Glass, Miniatures
153 Portobello Road
Gallery Eighty Five Hickmet Fine Arts
85a Portobello Road
Bronzes, Decorative Items, Glass
Michael Denton & Son Antiques
121 Portobello Road
Jewellery, Objets d'Art, Watches
Chanticleer Antiques
141-149 Portobello Road
Bronzes, Carvings
Flatau's Figures
290 Westbourne Grove
Books, Collectables, Garden
Colin Gross
107 Portobello Road
Art, Ivories, Scientific Instruments, Tortoiseshell, Treen
Portobello Stamp Company
100 Portobello Road
Georgina Jay
119 Portobello Road
Atlam Sales & Services
111 Portobello Road
Silver, Watches
John Shepherd
69 Portobello Road
Delft, Pottery
Erna Hiscock Antiques
69 Portobello Road
Needlework, Samplers
Victoriana Dolls
101 Portobello Road
Carmrose Arts
65 Portobello Road
Objets d'Art, Paintings, Silver
Appleby Antiques
107 Portobello Road
Pewter, Pottery
S. & A. Marsh
101 Portobello Road
Portobello Road
Architectural Items, Decorative Items, Maps, Prints
Judy Pollitt
67 Portobello Road
Collectables, Jewellery, Needlework, Objects of Virtu, Silver
Terry Lucy Antiques
125 Portobello Road
Druce Antiques
105 Portobello Road
Ahura Collectables
165 Portobello Road
Scientific Instruments
David Glick Antique Glass
300 Westbourne Grove
Justin F. Skrebowski
177 Portobello Road
Drawings, Engravings, Etchings, Paintings, Photographs, Prints
Lawrence Gould
157 Portobello Road
Enamel, Miniatures, Objects of Virtu, Portraits, Snuff Boxes, Watches
D. & D. Antiques
Portobello Road
Enamel, Flatware, Silver, Snuff Boxes
The Old Father Time Clock Centre
101 Portobello Road
The Wedgwood Collection
129 Portobello Road
David Ireland
141-149 Portobello Road
Embroidery, Textiles
Alexandra Alfandary
Lipka's Arcade, Stand 16
Tribal Gathering
1 Westbourne Grove Mews
Mercury Antiques
1 Ladbroke Road
Decorative Items, Delft, Glass, Porcelain, Pottery
Helen Buxton
141-149 Portobello Road
Art, Porcelain
Horizon Antiques
Stall 11, Portobello Road
Scientific Instruments
Bryan G. Kennett
113 Portobello Road
Clocks, Musical Instruments, Pictures, Silver
119 Portobello Road
Furniture, Globes, Jewellery, Majolica, Silver
Judy Fox Antiques
81 Portobello Road
Furniture, Jardinières, Porcelain, Pottery
Dolly Diamond's Vintage Fashion
51 Pembridge Road
Jewellery, Textiles
Saint James's Court
284 Westbourne Grove
Engravings, Maps, Paintings, Prints
Sabin Galleries
2 Waterden Court, Queensdale Place
Roger Harris
65 Portobello Road
Manorcroft Antiques
141-149 Portobello Road
Glass, Pottery
Jessie Western
82b Portobello Road
Jewellery, Textiles
Trude Weaver Antiques
71 Portobello Road
Art, Decorative Items, Furniture, Metalware, Pewter, Silver, Textiles, Treen
Diana Howlett
141-149 Portobello Road
Paintings, Photographs, Prints
Julia Craig
161/163 Portobello Road
Jones Antique Lighting
194 Westbourne Grove
Bronzes, Glass, Lighting
The Temple Gallery
6 Clarendon Cross
Covent Garden Bottles
86 Portobello Road
Ted Orme
155 Portobello Road
Canes, Silver, Watches
Chelsea Clocks & Antiques
73 Portobello Road
Clocks, Collectables, Scientific Instruments
Peter Delehar
146 Portobello Road
Scientific Instruments
The Old Haberdasher
141-149 Portobello Road
Jewellery, Needlework, Textiles
Mario's Antiques
290 Westbourne Grove
Garrick Coleman
75 Portobello Road
Art, Ceramics, Glass, Ivories
Henry Brownrigg
287 Westbourne Grove
Bronzes, Drawings, Jewellery, Manuscripts, Metalwork, Miniatures, Paintings, Silver
146 Portobello Road
Susan Antiques
105 Portobello Road
Decorative Items, Glass
161 Portobello Road
Daniella Dangoor
292 Westbourne Grove
Photographs, Prints, Silver
Sandy Stanley
119 Portobello Road
Arts & Crafts, Jewellery, Metalware
Richard Vandekar
155 Portobello Road
Art, Ceramics, Furniture
Maria's Antiques
289 Westbourne Grove
Decorative Items
Justin Garrard
155 Portobello Road
Art, Ceramics
B. & T. Antiques
47 Ledbury Road
Decorative Items, Furniture, Mirrors
Gavin Douglas Fine Antiques
75 Portobello Road
Bronzes, Clocks, Ormolu, Porcelain
Mia Cartwright
291 Westbourne Grove
Decorative Items, Furniture
Woodruff Antiques
157 Portobello Road
Charles Vernon-Hunt Books
161 Portobello Road
Art, Books
Owen Hargreaves
Portobello Road
Art, Furniture
Mike Cassidy
Denbigh Close
Books, Prints
Anthony Jack
161 Portobello Road
Hyder Antiques
141-149 Portobello Road
Art, Ceramics
Jennifer Lloyd
69 Portobello Road
Collectables, Silver
Dan Carter
282 Portobello Road
Lily Morant
Portobello Road
Fletcher Wallis
286 Westbourne Grove
Books, Gold, Silver
Stern Pissarro Gallery
46 Ledbury Road
Drawings, Etchings, Paintings
Jack Casimir
23 Pembridge Road
Lighting, Metalware, Pewter
Piano Nobile
129 Portland Road
Paintings, Sculpture
Wolseley Fine Arts
12 Needham Road
Carvings, Paintings, Sculpture

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