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37 Art & Antiques Dealers in Belgravia

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Dealer Name
90-92 Pimlico Road
Sculpture, Textiles
99 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Lacquer
John Hobbs
107 Pimlico Road
Clocks, Furniture, Lighting, Mirrors, Paintings, Statuary
Anno Domini Antiques
66 Pimlico Road
Mark Ransom
62-64 Pimlico Road
Books, Decorative Items, Furniture, Objets d'Art, Paintings, Prints, Sculpture
Andre De Cacqueray
227 Ebury Street
Furniture, Lighting
Tarquin Bilgen
227 Ebury Street
Art, Furniture
Mathaf Gallery
24 Motcomb Street
Drawings, Etchings, Paintings, Portraits, Prints
Nicholas Haslam
202 Ebury Street
Decorative Items, Furniture, Glass, Lighting, Mirrors
J. W. Blanchard
86/88 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Lacquer, Paintings, Portraits, Pottery
Alexander Von Moltke
46 Bourne Street
Furniture, Glass, Lighting
Ivor Braka
63 Cadogan Square
Christopher Hodsoll
89-91 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Pictures, Sculpture
Appley Hoare Antiques
30 Pimlico Road
Decorative Items, Furniture, Garden, Mirrors
3 Dove Walk
Architectural Items, Lighting
Nicholas Haslam
12-14 Holbein Place
Decorative Items, Furniture, Glass, Lighting, Mirrors
Nicholas Gifford-Mead
68 Pimlico Road
Architectural Items, Furniture, Garden, Metalwork, Ornaments, Sculpture, Statuary
Andrew Hunter - Rare Books
34 Buckingham Palace Road
Books, Manuscripts
Arthur Ackermann & Peter Johnson
27 Lowndes Street
Drawings, Paintings
Christopher Butterworth
71 Pimlico Road
Lighting, Mirrors, Sculpture
83 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Glass, Mirrors
14 Lowndes Street
Art, Furniture
Julian Simon Fine Art
70 Pimlico Road
Paintings, Portraits
Anthony Outred Antiques
71 Eaton Terrace Mews
Furniture, Sculpture
Humphrey - Carrasco
43 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Lighting
Tobin Jefferson
227 Ebury Street
Art, Furniture, Lighting, Pictures, Textiles
Ross Hamilton
95 Pimlico Road
Bronzes, Chinoiserie, Clocks, Furniture, Glass, Lacquer, Lighting, Mirrors, Ormolu, Paintings, Porcelain, Portraits, Sculpture
John Adams Fine Art
Ebury Galleries, 200 Ebury Street
Drawings, Paintings
Christopher Howe Antiques
93 Pimlico Road
45 Pimlico Road
Ceramics, Furniture, Glass, Lighting
Lamberty Antiques
46 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Pictures, Sculpture
Hilary Batstone
8 Holbein Place
Decorative Items, Furniture, Lighting, Mirrors, Textiles
73 Pimlico Road
Arts & Crafts, Carpets, Tapestry
Peter Jones Antiques Department
Sloane Square
Etchings, Furniture, Glass, Paintings, Portraits
Gallery 25
26 Pimlico Road
Decorative Items, Furniture, Lighting, Mirrors
Westenholz Antiques
76-78 Pimlico Road
Furniture, Lighting
29 Lowndes Street
Art, Clocks, Furniture, Glass, Lighting, Pictures, Scientific Instruments

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