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Sculpture Dealers in Montreal

Contact Montreal Sculpture dealers using our free enquiry service. Tick the boxes of the galleries you wish to contact, fill in a short online form to let them know what you are looking for, and we will instantly send an email to all the art & antiques dealers you have selected:
Dealer Name
Galerie Christiane Chassay
358 Sherbrooke East
Art, Paintings, Sculpture
Galerie Simon Blais
5420 St Laurent, #100
Art, Drawings, Engravings, Paintings, Photographs, Prints, Sculpture
Galerie Gora
460 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest
Paintings, Sculpture
Galerie Dominique Bouffard
1000 Amhest, #101
Drawings, Engravings, Paintings, Sculpture
Galerie Art Mûr
5826 rue St Hubert
Paintings, Sculpture
Galerie Elca London
1196, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Art, Carvings, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture, Tapestry
Galerie Bernard Desroches
2125 Crescent Street
Art, Paintings, Sculpture
Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporary
372 rue St Catherine Ouest, #216
Art, Drawings, Paintings, Photographs, Sculpture
Galerie d'Avignon
102, avenue Laurier Ouest
Paintings, Sculpture
Michel Moreault Fine Arts
406 - 1545 Dr. Penfield
Art, Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
Galerie Projex-Mtl
372, rue St Catherine Ouest, #212
Paintings, Photographs, Sculpture
Galerie Walter Klinkhoff
1200, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Paintings, Sculpture
Galerie Valentin
1490 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Engravings, Paintings, Prints, Sculpture
Galerie Joyce Yahouda
372 St Catherine Ouest, espaces 328 et 427
Drawings, Paintings, Photographs, Sculpture
Galerie St-Ambroise
4030 St Ambroise, #105
Drawings, Paintings, Photographs, Prints, Sculpture
Waddington & Gorce
808 - 1550 Avenue Dr. Penfield
Paintings, Sculpture

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